About Us
The Tuskegee Eagles initiative was conceived by community-minded people who share a common interest in aviation as well as a concern for the influence poverty and the urban culture have upon the future of our youth.  The model of the Experimental Aircraft Association's Young Eagles program was combined with the success story of the Tuskegee Airmen of WW2 to formulate and develop what was to be the Tuskegee Eagles.
Though we have student participants from all walks of life, our primary focus is on reaching youth from limited family and cultural resources.   Three years in development, as of January, 2016, we have developed a program format which is functional including a general lesson outline, outside student activities including public service, and outcomes assessment.
Our instructors/mentors are all volunteer and generously donate their time and money on a weekly basis.  
Our financial support is exclusively from private and corporate donors.  For details on our budget, click here.

Vision Statement
To design the Tuskegee Eagles model for inner-city youth development and package it so as to be reproducible in other communities across the nation.  The model will include  guidelines from concept to implementation including written curriculum, affiliation with other like-minded organizations, mentor and instructor recruitment, student  requirements, and fundraising.