James Smith, President.  Chiropractic physician, founder of Tuskegee Eagles, aircraft owner, flight instructor.
Greg Starkel, Secretary, Treasurer.  Chairman, St. Joseph Rosecrans airport Advisory Board, international pilot for a major air freight airline, retired Air National Guard pilot, built and flies an experimental aircraft.
 J ohn Dunlap. Owner, automotive repair business, former      instructor, Hillyard Technical Center, aircraft owner.
Clark Hampton.  Retired Executive V.P.,  Hillyard, Inc., an international supplier of industrial cleaning products, flight instructor, aircraft owner.
Floyd McElwain.  Owner, aerial application business, President, Pony Express Chapter of the Missouri Pilot’s Association.
David Toliver.  Consulting Engineer, Member, Tuskegee Airmen,  aircraft owner.

Robert Warren.  Teacher in the St. Joseph School District, Pastor of Word of Faith Church, co-founder, Mid-City Excellence Learning Center.
Mike Strong.  Buchanan County Sheriff, retired, aircraft owner, youth advocate.

​Bruce Crum​.  Small business owner, experimental aircraft builder and owner.