Log  Book of Activities and
* Sponsored a presentation by world champion aerobatic pilot and aviation record holder, Greg Poe.  Having lost an adult son to heroin, Greg emphasized the importance of drug avoidance.  Underwritten by Fagen, Inc.
* Sponsored an informational reception at emPowerU for St. Joseph community leaders. The speaker,  Barryington Irving, was the youngest person and the first African American to fly solo around the world.  After the reception Mr. Irving gave an enthusiastically received presentation to students at the St. Joseph Schools Colgan Center.  Underwritten by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.
* Assisted  in airport preparation for the Wing Nuts Flying Circus airshow in Tarkio, MO for three successive years.  The airshow is sponsored, in part, by U.S. Congressman, Sam Graves.
* Organized a static display consisting of two WWII  Stearman primary trainers for the 2012 Sound of Speed airshow in St. Joseph.
* Sponsored  Youth in Aviation Week in collaboration with the St. Joseph Youth Alliance.  25 students were introduced to aviation career opportunities  including general aviation and the Air National Guard.  They were given airplane rides, the first ever for several.
* Conducted Saturday morning aircraft construction sessions whereby students learn shop skills and introductory aeronautics.
* Purchased and completed a partially completed Zenith 601 HD experimental aircraft kit.
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