The Tuskegee Eagles Committment to Mentoring

When asked what is the greatest need for at-risk youth,  the first response from youth advocates such as Mid-City Excellence, is "mentors."  In the experience of Tuskegee Eagles, mentoring is neither complicated nor difficult.  Mostly, all a mentor has
to do is show up.  In our three year history, we have one "graduate." He earned his GED, has a good job, and is committed to becoming an aircraft mechanic.  We have others who are presidents of their school classes, some have jobs and some are "A" students.  We are committed to mentoring as key to the success of our program. 

From: Americas
All indicators point to this assistance [mentoring] being very powerful in the lives of young Americans. In its 2014 study The Mentoring Effect, MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership showed that young people with formal and even informal mentors in their lives were far more likely to stay in school, enroll in college, become active in sports, become leaders and generally pursue higher goals than those who do not have mentoring relationships in their lives.