Have you ever been to camp? I have, thanks to the Tuskegee Eagles. Ever since I've been a member with the Tuskegee Eagles they have afforded me many opportunities to help nurture and grow my passion for aviation. They've offered me a sufficient amount of free flight time, and started a class for the youth of St. Joe to meet at the airport and build an airplane. How often do you hear of kids getting to do that?  They've helped me build bridges and make connections with other pilots within the community. If it weren't for the Tuskegee Eagles I don't know where I'd be today in terms of aviation.   10th grade.
Participating in the Tuskeegee Eagles program has helped me a lot. It allows me to use fractions and decimals. Flying with Dr. Smith is a fun experience. This program has helped me to decide my career plans in Aviation. And to top it off, we get to use power tools! I highly encourage others to join the Tuskeegee Eagles program!   7th grade.